Designing Your House Based On Your Own Personality and Style

Your house is your sanctuary, the safe haven you look forward to returning to. When you come home and walk through those doors, you love how it looks and feels. Your home reflects your own personality and style. It reveals what you value and care about. Wherever you’re sitting in whichever room, every sight fills you with warmth, coziness, and inspiration.

If that’s not completely true yet, don’t worry, it can be! It’s easier than you may think. You can create the home of your dreams, starting with the interior design. Even small changes can make a huge difference. The important thing to remember through the process is that it’s all about choosing to decorate in ways that you really like, that exemplify your uniqueness.

Loving your home’s interior may be drastically different than someone else’s idea of the ideal aesthetic, and that’s 100% fine! Let go of what everyone else does and tap into your own tastes.

Designing Your House Based On Your Own Personality and Style

You have probably walked into homes you love, marveling at the interesting pictures on the wall or pieces adorning the mantels and tables, each attached to a story. You admired the textures and colors of the furniture and walls, bed covers, and pillows. Most of all you relished the overall feeling you got when there. It probably motivated you to get creative with your own home.

You have a pretty good idea of how you want your home to look. Selecting the right interior designs for you gives your home an immediate, awesome boost. So let’s get started transforming your environment into the inviting port you desire, one that rejuvenates and lifts you up every time you’re there.

Choosing Captivating Colors

The right colors to use are the ones you sincerely love. In any room, color is one of your most powerful tools for transforming your home.

Color is very subjective. Focus on the hues that soothe your psyche, and elevate your mood. Linda Chechar at Den Garden says “it is important to understand color’s psychological effects and how to use it in design theory.” Studies also indicate that color affects us both emotionally and physically. Advertisers know this, as well when designing logos and brands to attract customers.

Designing Your House Based On Your Own Personality and Style

How you combine hues is important, too. You can consider this when using a throw blanket and throw pillows on the couch or when choosing a rug, and also the pictures or hangings you place on the walls. Just by changing these things you can give the whole room a dramatic makeover.

Do bright, vibrant colors and patterns energize you or do you prefer softer pastels or subdued tones that relax you? Sharp contrasts of color mixed with white background, carpet or flooring create a modern look.

Designing Your House Based On Your Own Personality and Style

Softer floral or other delicate print designs may elicit a warmer, classic, or vintage feel. The possibilities are endless, and what they evoke in you is key. You know who you are and what you like.

Showcasing What You Do

Do you spend time at the beach regularly? Maybe you hike every weekend and prefer the mountains. Is music your passion or do you like to sketch flowers, or sculpt wood? Your hobbies and interests, souvenirs from places you’ve traveled, things you collect, are all great decorative pieces to fill your home with.

When you sit down on the couch and look around, you see your experiences, your personality, recall the beautiful memories you’ve shared with your family and friends. Better yet, those framed moments that sit by the lamp or above the fireplace also give your home a cozy, treasured atmosphere so print out those favorite photos on your phone and put them up.

Designing Your House Based On Your Own Personality and Style

If you’re considering slipcovers for the couch, try a fabric and design that makes you think of the ocean, warm sunshine, and tropical breezes if that’s one of your happy places. Loving nature probably means natural wood furniture might feel more appealing to you.

Oak, cherry, maple or teak, every type has its own texture and appearance. Or maybe you like sleek, sophisticated furniture with sharper edges, glass or metal tables and black, gray, and white coloring schemes for a contemporary look.

Do you love to cook? Have your kitchen look like it gets a lot of professional action. Hang pots and pans, have beautifully arranged chef utensils in a crock on the counter, some recipe books in the corner. Let the room reflect that aspect of your personality.

Designing Your House Based On Your Own Personality and Style

Demonstrate your healthy lifestyle by sporting fresh fruit and vegetables in a basket and leaving out the juicer and blender as part of your decor. The very tops of cupboards are great places to showcase special bottles, tea cups or plants. Determine what makes your kitchen speak to you and others about who you are.

Are You a Minimalist or Do You Maximize Every Available Space?

You’ve probably seen homes dense with furniture and knickknacks, what you might describe as homey clutter. It could be organized and neat, but a lot is going on visually. Then you have the environment that looks freshly moved into as opposed to inhabited by family members for years. Only the essentials are present with a few cherished pieces such as a beautiful lamp or vase, a couple pictures.

Ask yourself what kind of environment you prefer. Some want a home that looks lived in and busy. Others like space, room, an open feel with only what they need and use around. You may fall somewhere in the middle, but if you look around your home right now, you may realize there is too much unnecessary stuff interfering with the aesthetic you’re after.

Designing Your House Based On Your Own Personality and Style

On the other hand, maybe a blanket, some board games in the wall unit, or some books on the coffee table would add more flavor and warmth to the minimalist room. The crucial thing is that you admire what you’re surrounded by because your environment has a direct impact on how you feel.

Home Environment Affects Your Mood and Productiveness

Research shows that your surroundings play a big role in how you feel. Clutter and disorganization can make it harder to find things, to concentrate, to work if you do so from home. It can make you feel like you don’t have control over your life. The more you save everything and begin crowding your surroundings, the more stuck you may feel without realizing why.

Your brain creates new connections when it experiences change. Transforming your surroundings can have a tremendous impact on you.

Designing Your House Based On Your Own Personality and Style

Sometimes shifting from what we are used to feels uncomfortable, but could really shake things up in a positive way. Suddenly, you may see things from a new perspective. Ideas spring up that you didn’t think of before. You feel positive and motivated, and your new vibrant and pleasing environment is part of the reason why.

Another thing to consider is the light coming into your living space. Is there warmth and natural sunlight streaming in? Do you see any nature outside your windows? These things actually make a difference in your demeanor. Viewing greenery and visually blue water, such as lakes and the ocean, reduce stress and relax you.

Designing Your House Based On Your Own Personality and Style

Don’t have that option? Painting your walls a light blue or green, having indoor plants, and even pictures of nature, bring positive results. Don’t forget to open the window, too. Indoor pollution could be weighing you down. It’s healthy to get fresh air circulating. Here’s where indoor plants come in handy again by putting new oxygen in the air. An air purifier with a HEPA filter also helps keep your air healthy.

You know that just rearranging furniture is a fantastic way to give a home or room a new feel. You’ve known this ever since you were a kid and teen. It’s funny how we don’t see the pictures on the wall anymore because they’ve been in the same place for so long. Just changing where we hang things can also have a striking effect because we actually notice them again.

Your Plan of Action

1) Take a Tour of Your Home Room by Room:

Part of every design plan is deciding what stays and what goes. Perhaps you’re moving into a new home and want to change things up and start fresh. Moving is a great time to get rid of accumulated belongings you don’t need anymore. Save the absolute treasures, digitize others and then give them away or sell them at a garage sale.

2) Take Notes on What You Do and Don’t Like:

Start taking down or taking out the things you don’t like in any given room and begin thinking about all the ways you can replace or change what was there, or do nothing at all and enjoy the new space and the open feel. This is not just with belongings but furniture, too.

Designing Your House Based On Your Own Personality and Style

3) Write Down What You Want in the Room

Get specific with this. What colors and hue combinations do you love? Visualize how you’ll achieve it. Will you paint the walls, buy new throw pillows, replace the couch or cover it? Is it time to get rid of the worn, beat up shelves? Perhaps you’ve had solid oak furniture, and now you want a more modern metal, vogue look.

Maybe some curtains in the bedroom could add color and coziness instead of only the standard blinds hanging there. Changing the comforter and pillow covers on your bed can revamp the entire atmosphere of your room. Here’s where you can get creative, selecting patterns, designs, and colors that illuminate your passions.

Designing Your House Based On Your Own Personality and Style

4) Get Personal:

Surround yourself with things you love and cherish. Have the guitar you want to learn to play against the wall, reminding you to sign up for lessons. Keep real flowers in a pot because they make you feel happy and carefree. Put up pictures that keep you centered and positive. What these decorating objects are is for you to decide.

For more inspiration, check out the different interior design styles and pictures at Home Stratosphere or Homed It. Beach or Nautical, Scandinavian, Traditional, Industrial, Mid-Century Modern, Shabby Chic, and Farmhouse are some looks to ponder for your home.

Designing Your House Based On Your Own Personality and Style

Nautical styles usually feature blues and whites. Traditional style has a European vibe with pairing furniture and elegant, antique pieces. Shabby Chic has vintage elements, as well, creating an aged, antique type appearance with soft pastel colors. Ally Olson from says that if you are looking to decorate a room in a shabby chic style, you should choose contrasting colors and not be afraid to mix patterns. Take a look at some of the customized products they make. Your imagination is the only limit.

You Are in Charge

It’s perfectly okay to combine and mix various styles if you want, to express your uniqueness and flair. Vibrant accents mixed with the more muted, wear and tear tones gives the room an intriguing, energizing spark.

Designing Your House Based On Your Own Personality and Style

Whether it is sheets and bed coverings, window or shower curtains, even the towels you use in the bathrooms and kitchen, changing any one or all of these can invigorate the feel and look of a room. Sometimes sticking with a theme is helpful, as long as it’s a theme you appreciate and delight in.

It’s All About What Makes You Feel Comfortable, Happy, and at Peace

When you grew up, your room was the only place you had some control over when it came to decorating, and it probably came later. When moving into your own home, you may have chosen typical decor and furniture because you thought that’s what you liked, what everyone does.

Designing Your House Based On Your Own Personality and Style

Now that you’re coming into your own and providing a home for you and your family, your tastes have had the chance to develop, along with your interests and passions. Let your home truly reflect your inner self. Have it be a place that puts a smile on your face when you walk in.

When your home feels like the sacred harbor, the piece of paradise you’ve created for yourself you’ll know it. Recharging, creating memories, feeling relaxed and inspired in your home is one of the best gifts you can give yourself and your family, right along with taking care of your health and relationships.

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