Most Common Kitchen Designs in Orange County

Regardless of the size, many do consider the kitchen to be the heart of the home. Even though its primary purpose is for the preparation and cooking of a meal, over the years, it has become more than that.

Families seem to congregate in the kitchen. Aside from the fact that, like the living room and dining room it is one of the places in the house that the entire family uses, it is also the place where families can have a fun activity.

During special occasions, such as Christmas or Thanksgiving, the kitchen becomes the hub of jokes and meaningful conversations. On ordinary days, it can be a place to bond with your kids through activities like baking, or even craft making.

Most Common Kitchen Designs in Orange County

It’s just therefore right that the kitchen should be well-designed. It should not just be functional but also aesthetic.

If you are planning to have your kitchen remodeled, determine first the design that you want. Check the list below for some of the most common kitchen designs you can use. Once you’ve made your choice, you can now start to look for the best home builders in orange county to help with your kitchen remodeling.

Most Common Kitchen Designs in Orange County

The zone design

If you are the organized type of kitchen user, then the zone design should be at the top of your choices. This design allows for the kitchen to be separated into zones or different workstations for an easier workflow. So you’ll have a  separate area for the preparation of ingredients, another separate area for the cooking itself and more areas for eating and cleaning. This is perfect for those with big houses and those who belong to big families where people are assigned different tasks during cooking. This way, there will be plenty of space for everyone to finish their task.

Most Common Kitchen Designs in Orange County

The one-wall layout

For smaller houses or apartments, this is the most common and the perfect design. You want to have a functional space, and this allows that despite the limited floor area. In this layout, all the kitchen elements, from the shelves to the refrigerator, sink, and stove, will all be placed in one wall. This design is good because everything is within your reach, but for those who want more space for prep, you can add an island as long there is still enough space. A tip you can follow would be to choose appliances that are more compact so that the kitchen will not look too stuffy.

Most Common Kitchen Designs in Orange County

The U-shaped layout

If you are the type of cook who wants collects a lot of kitchen tools and utensils, then go with the U-shaped layout. This design lets you have a lot of storage where you can place your cutlery, your bowl and plate collection plus all your small appliances and even your spices and unique ingredients. This layout also lets you have plenty of counter space, which is perfect when you like preparing several dishes at once.

Most Common Kitchen Designs in Orange County

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