10 Things You Need When You Go Camping

It is important to prepare aptly for camping and more importantly to choose the right campsite. One that meets all your desired requirements. Many people do not know what to look for when choosing a campsite. It is important to factor in some considerations for the location one decides to settle on. Things like accessibility of the campsite meaning that the site needs to be somewhere that one can easily drive to. A water source is an important factor to consider when choosing a campsite. You need access to clean water during your camping trip. You also need to be sure that you are in proximity to accessible firewood for your entire camping duration. While all these are important factors to consider, choosing the correct camping gear is just as necessary. When going camping, it is more prudent to be over prepared than under. One would rather carry more camping gear than they need as opposed to not having them when their need arises.

Read on to find out the must have gear on your checklist of things to carry for your camping trip.

First Aid Kit

Accidents are inevitable when you are out in the wild. A few grazes and scratches are almost like the gold medal of camping trips. This is where a first aid kit will come in handy because it is good to know that any accident that occurs can be handled and that you are prepared to handle it.

10 Things You Need When You Go Camping

Pack of Matches

Unless you want to live like Neanderthal man and start a fire by rubbing two rocks together, then a pack of matches is most definitely an essential to carry for camping trips. Otherwise, what then is the point of looking for a campsite that has firewood if we have no means to convert it to fire?

10 Things You Need When You Go Camping


One needs to decide whether they will choose mattress or sleeping bags. Whichever the choice, one must be aptly prepared and carry the necessary. In the choice of mattress, an air mattress is best, as it will offer the best convenience when carrying. In this case, an air pump and repair kit for the air mattress are necessary.

10 Things You Need When You Go Camping


There can never be too much protective material on a camping trip. Tarps can be used as a protective layer on the bottom of your tent or as a shade.

10 Things You Need When You Go Camping

Lantern, Headlamp, or Flashlight

One must always have a flashlight or any of the above mentioned when going camping to avoid unnecessary accidents. Keep it in an easily accessible place too.

10 Things You Need When You Go Camping

Maps and Compass

Having a phone with GPS will not be a non-factor when you’re lost in a remote location with no cellular network reception. Always carry maps.

10 Things You Need When You Go Camping

Alternate Weather Gear

Nothing is as predictable as the weather no matter what the forecasts say. Always be prepared.

10 Things You Need When You Go Camping

Pocket Knife

This tool is a camping essential in that you get to carry a corkscrew, saw, small scissors, knife and a host of other tools that you will need in an easy to pack size.

10 Things You Need When You Go Camping


This has so many uses in a campsite and more so if one is able to tie the myriad of boy scout knots that are important in different situations.

10 Things You Need When You Go Camping

Portable Spice Rack

Who wants to eat food without seasoning? No matter where you are, good tasting food is an essential. You can carry your salt and other necessities in an easy to carry plastic spice rack.

10 Things You Need When You Go Camping

In conclusion, we cannot prepare for everything but having a few necessities is just as good. In any case, one should inform at least one person of your plans before you leave for your camping. It is important to give full details just in case of anything.

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