3 Rules For Minimalist Travel

Despite digital technology making the world seem a much smaller place, it is still possible and desirable to travel across the globe and experience sights, sounds and smells that you could never dream of.

In fact, this is exactly what the minimalist travel experience is all about. Travelling with the fewest possible items leaves you open to all the new experiences possible. You will be more flexible and can adapt any visit to the events in progress.

A true minimalistic travel approach revolves round under consuming in every aspect of your trip. These 3 golden rules for minimalist travel will help you have the experience of a lifetime:

1 Bag Is Enough

Flying is expensive but generally the easiest way to get between destinations, especially when they are vast distances apart. Of course, most airlines now charge you for any bag other than your carry on.

However, learning the size of the bag you are allowed and packing just that will save money. But, more importantly you will never suffer from lost luggage and will be ready to leave the airport the moment you clear customs.

The secret to just one bag is to pack layers and just your best coat. Stick to clothes which are one color; this will make it easier to mix and match.

Watch Your Electronics

The more things you bring of value the greater the chance that you will have one stolen. In addition, do you really need a tablet, laptop, cell phone, kindle and your camera? A tablet and your cell phone should cover all your needs, unless you are a writer in which case you may prefer the laptop and your cell phone.

Simply make sure your phone has a good quality camera, your laptop is not too big and you have all the books and even films you need downloaded before you leave.

The rule while travelling is to minimize your use of these items; do not even get them out of your bag unless you really need to.


There are many items that you pack which can serve the same purpose. For instance shower gel can be used as shampoo or face wash, one bottle does instead of three. Chargers for your phone and laptop could be the same, or you might simply be able to get what you need very cheaply at your destination.

Start by setting out the basic gear you need for a week, no matter how long you are going away for. Then pare this down as far as you can. Compartmentalize your packing to make it easy to limit the amount you take and access items.

You will be surprised at how often one item will do two or more purposes.

Perhaps the most important part of minimalist travel is your attitude; you need to focus on what is around you, not on where your belongings are. If you have packed correctly you will be able to carry them all in your backpack if needed; giving you the ultimate freedom to live in the moment.

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