The where-to-visit guide of the Algarve

Ask anyone who has ventured on a European holiday over the last few years and the Algarve will most probably be firmly engrained in their mind. It’s a classic destination, so to speak, one that the travel agents will always recommend – and it’s for good reason.

However, it’s most definitely not the case of hopping on a plane and targeting the Algarve. This is a large region to say the least, and what works for one traveller most certainly isn’t going to for another. Fortunately, accommodation across this region is easy – you only have to take a look at Premier Villas in Portugal to see how vast the offerings for it is.

Following on from the above, let’s take a look at some of the commonly visited areas of the Algarve, and help you decide to visit if you take to this part of Portugal.


Let’s start with one of the most popular destinations in the region. While Albufeira may be over 2,000 years old, and was once just a tiny fortified town, those days are long gone.

This is an area which attracts tourists for plenty of reasons. Forget the “fortified town” bit now, while there might be some history that remains in Albufeira, many simply visit for its sandy beaches and the scores of bars and restaurants. In relation to the latter, there’s a “strip” which has become hugely popular – and will satisfy everyone from young to old on an evening.


We’ve just touched on history and if this is your thing, Lagos could be a suggestion worth considering. This sits on the coast of the Algarve and while an earthquake in 1755 removed a lot of the historic walls and buildings that were associated with Henry the Navigator, there are still plenty of smaller historic elements that make it bask in beauty.

This is probably one of the quieter destinations in the Algarve, although if you are planning on staying into the late hours there is still an exciting nightlife that locals and tourists can take advantage of.

During the day, make sure you visit the Marina as well – this has some of the best restaurants around and provides plenty of things to do.


If you’re looking to stick near the airport, Faro is your choice. It might not be the traditional resort, but it’s very “local” so to speak – and you can really see how residents of the Algarve live their lives.

As well as the above, it happens to be a walled city, while the Cathedral is from the 13th century and this can be a popular attraction amongst visitors.


For any beer enthusiasts out there, Sagres might be an option. It’s no coincidence that this shares its name with a popular Portuguese beer (that’s found on so many European shelves), the beer does come from this small village.

It’s still a favourite amongst fisherman, and it’s not going to offer a bustling nightlife if that’s your thing. What it will provide is a tranquil and beautiful experience, with the white beaches being lauded by visitors.

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