The Student Traveler’s Guide to Australia

Three affordable places to travel and live in Australia while studying online

Online training has opened so many possibilities to voyagers, pilgrims and troubadours. It doesn’t matter if you’re taking your Master of Philosophy or a Certificate IV in Marketing and Communications, all you need is great WIFI and a willingness to study (check out online courses at If you have been wondering how you can afford your travel itinerary while studying in Australia, we thought we’d help you out by suggesting three great Australian destinations. All three are awesome to visit and priced so you can actually live comfortably while you study. Read on.

Adelaide and South Australia

Now Australians can be a bit snobby about Adelaide and South Australia (probably because a lot of us never bother to go there) but Adelaide’s got some chops. Beaches; a thriving art scene; at the gateway to the best wineries in the country: Adelaide has a lot less people as well as affordable drink prices. Yep! We think Adelaide is earning it’s stripes as the lifestyle capital of Australia.

And even though Adelaide has one of the best live music scenes in the Australia and an emerging food trail, we should also mention that South Australia and the Murray-Darling Basin is home to over 2,000 species of Australia’s native flora. For a real taste of Australia no serious explorer should miss a springtime among some extraordinarily beautiful and diverse flowers (found nowhere else in the world). You can see all this driving South Australia; the home of Australia’s widest spaces, longest sunsets and highest cliff faces.

Cairns and Far-north Queensland

If warm water SCUBA Diving and snorkelling is more your thing, try Far-north Queensland and Cairns. The tropical climate shines on Australia’s amazing Great Barrier Reef and some of the coolest birds in the world (just google cassowaries). But we think the best thing about Far-north Queensland are all the fabulous things you can do for free: like hiking rainforest trails, swimming in crystal clear (but not freezing) creeks and lagoons, BBQing on the beach, paddling mountain lakes or showering under bewitching waterfalls. The cities of Cairns and Townsville also have wonderful strand and esplanades with free aquatic parks, fitness classes and WIFI. Cairns nightlife goes off (but that’s not always the best approach to studying).

Hobart and Tasmania

And that’s why there is Hobart and Tasmania and some of the quietest and most peaceful places in Australia! Hobart’s slow and endearing pace enables mindfultravellers to amble the historic streets or easily cycle her city. Outside Hobart, the island state of Tasmania has some of the best bushwalking and hiking opportunities in Australia’s wilderness and world heritage listed forests. After a block of studying and submitting a mid-unit assessment, celebrate by hiking to top of Cradle Mountain or traversing the Walls of Jerusalem National Park.

Get Going Australia

So what you are you waiting for? Get your passport! Get your international standard qualification online! Get your laptop! Get a ticket to Australia and get an amazing life. Get going!

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