Ten European Spots That Will Take Your Breath Away – Part 2

6. Black Forest, Germany

Away from the every day’s rush and busy lifestyle, there lies one of the most beautiful yet mysterious forests in Germany, called the Black Forest. This fairytale-like place situated along the Rhine River is Germany’s third largest state.

Image by Marty Portier via Flickr

7. Gorges du Verdon, France

When talking about the natural beauties, France is not an exception. This glorious river canyon with a fascinating water color is one of the most noteworthy in Europe. Its depth goes up to 700 meters and it is especially popular among the divers and the kayak lovers.

Image by Miguel Virkkunen Carvalho via Flickr

8. Las Medulas, Spain

This historic mining site and a real beauty is located in north-west Spain. It’s a remain of the Roman times. The orange peaks and the green nature around is what makes this place special.

Image by Epi Gordito via Flickr

9. Lake Halstatt, Austria

Austria as well as Switzerland may own the most beautiful landscapes in Europe. The lake Halstatt, located somewhere in between Salzburg and Graz, is a ‘’must-visit’’ place. The numerous cottages, the salt mines and the caves are the trademarks of the place. It is believed that this place is the oldest inhabited settlement in the continent.

Image by Megan Mcgowan via Flickr

Image by stephen via Flickr

10. Algarve, Portugal

The Iberian Peninsula has always had a lot to show. The picturesque rock formation, the unique color of the water, the golden-sandy beaches and the tiny bays is what represents this spectacular spot. Sunbathing and enjoying the swim has never been so pleasurable.

Image by Oliver Clarke via Flickr

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