Annecy, The French Less Known Beauty

Annecy is a city located in the region of the Alpes in southeastern France. It’s the largest city in this region and it’s just about 35 km away from the Swiss city of Geneva. The Lake Annecy might be considered as the reason number one why everyone should go there for a couple of days, exploring this less known yet incredible French city.

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The main reason why the population of this city remained about 52.000 inhabitants over the years is the lack of available land for more people. Some people even compare this French pearl with the Italian Venice, calling it “The Venice of the Alps” because of the two canals and the river of Thiou. Its primary role has been to protect the city and to empower the handicrafts. This city remembers the beautiful times when the manufacturing of the silk reached its peak in the 19th century and that way helped with the industrial development of the city.

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The outstanding Lake of Annecy or Lac d’Annecy as they call it offers the possibility for the visitors to rent a bike and spend the whole day cycling around the perimeter enjoying the view. Don’t be surprised if you see a great number of people paddling by the lake, especially during the weekends. The view of the mountains nearby is what makes this special. And when you get tired of doing sport all day long, afford yourself a Raclette. This is their typical dish basically made of cow’s milk cheese later melted in front of an open fire.

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If you enjoy getting lost in a new and unknown city for you, do it here, but do it among the canals. You will definitely be impressed by the structure of the city and the architecture of the houses in the pastel colors. Don’t forget to stop for a break and admire the view with a cup of coffee and a croissant. Annecy’s Love Bridge is another spot in the city that you must visit. The legend says that if two lovers share a kiss on this bridge they will remain together forever. The former prison, mint, courthouse and Lord’s residence, which nowadays functions as a historic museum is building taken out of a fairytale. Furthermore for the ones who feel like sunbathing or even swimming into the sea, this city does not cut this possibility too, as there are several beaches along the picturesque lake. If you visit it once you will definitely want to repeat this experience over and over again

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