7 Kitchen Design Trends for 2017

For many, the kitchen is the heart of their home. It’s the one place where a family can gather for a casual meal and talk about all sorts of daily stuff. 2017 is the year of combining retro with the modern appliances, all while creating a warm and inviting environment inside your kitchen. From industrial design to shifts in color, take a look at our list of kitchen trends for this year and apply them to your own home.

A Touch of Pink

White kitchens are still a thing in 2017 and that’s exactly the reason why a bit of pink can look really good with it. Whether it’s a single pink cabinet, a pink oven or a whole window, it can look really good especially when combined with a large rustic table in the middle of your kitchen. Look for a bubblegum shade of pink for your appliances, or dusty pink for larger kitchen elements. You’ll get that special kind of look if you combine it with the industrial type of brick wall.

Large Sinks

Having a big sink is one of the must-haves in 2017. Look for multi-functional ones, with a cutting board which serves as a cover for the sink when it’s not used. A large sink means that there’s enough space for two people to use it at the same time, usually with two faucets. Even if you have a small kitchen, the multifunctionality of such a large sink will actually save you the space, since you won’t have the need for a separate worktop.

Flat Cabinet Doors

While Shaker style still remains the go-to option for most, flat-panel designs are slowly rising in popularity and 2017 is no exception. Instead of focusing on Shaker design, cabinet doors will completely rely on their beautiful texture for visual delivery. If you want a wooden cabinet, consider some of the exotic, striped wood materials, or rift cut oak. If you’re looking for a modern design on your cabinets, you can also go with the high gloss kitchen cabinets, which will give your interior a sleek, modern look.

Kitchen Appliances

Since smart homes are becoming a thing, it’s only natural for the trend to move to our kitchens as well. You can now use your smartphone to talk to your microwave, sync up the times on your oven and dishwasher, turn the lights on or off, or even check what’s in your fridge while you’re miles away in a supermarket. Smaller appliances are becoming a real thing, and quickly, since they are quicker to use, easier to clean and can be customized more easily.

Clutter Free Kitchens

Keeping surfaces clear of clutter is really important if you want to have that sleek finish, so always opt for an integrated dishwasher and fridge. These are harder to replace which is why you’ll want the experts. I suggest checking out the Asko repair and service by Total Appliance center for handling them when the time comes. Consider including deep pan drawers in your kitchen and hanging rails in order to make sure that your surfaces are always empty. This is another reason why you should go for smaller appliances – they’re much easier to remove out of sight.

Low Upkeep Surfaces

Easy to clean is the name of the game this year. Look for large format tiles for your floor and a combination of porcelain and quartz for the rest of your surfaces. Not only will your kitchen be cleaner, but you’ll also be saving a lot of time while cleaning it. The fewer grout lines your floor packs the better.  Another reason for this trend is that the kitchens are heading towards a sleek design, contrary to the rustic style which was the deal a few years back.

Large Windows

There’s no light like the natural light to give a boost to your kitchen. Also, no wall can ever win the race against a beautiful view. Large windows are stealing the show this year, placed in dark frames to give an extraordinary industrial look. These windows will intensify the looks of your glossy elements, making them reflect the light through the entire kitchen. You really can’t go wrong if you let the light play an essential role in your kitchen.


Whether you’re aiming for an industrial look, or a sleek, glossy design – don’t be afraid to combine the elements in 2017. The most important thing you can do is to simplify your whole kitchen area because that way you’ll not only clean it more often, but it will also look more stylish overall. If you went through this guide, we hope you’re feeling motivated to try out some new things and have the kitchen you’ll be proud to show off.

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