The April Fair of Seville

One of the numerous fiestas that happen in Spain is the so called fair that takes place in several cities all over Spain. Definitely among the most famous ones, if not the most famous one, happens in Seville as spring arrives in the wonderful capital of Andalusia. The exact date varies every year but it depends on the Holy Week, as it happens exactly two weeks after it. The ceremony begins on Saturday midnight when they switch on the lights of the big fair arch that tends to change every single year. The official end of the April Fair happens a week later with a spectacular firework display over the Guadalquivir River.

2013.04.15.022 - SEVILLA - Calle Padre Damián · Av Flota de Indias - (Feria de Abril 2013 - 'Alumbrao')

2013-04 Spain 160

2013.04.18.035 - SEVILLA - Recinto Ferial - (Feria de Abril 2013)

Clausura de la Feria de Abril, Sevilla

Derecho a Vivir en la Feria de Abril

It all began in the year 1847 on the grounds of the Prado de Sebastian. As the locals are well known for the party will and skills, they wanted to make a tradition out of this event so the following year three marquees appeared at the same place. There are tent structures that are known as “casetas” which number was growing year after year until 1920 when they named this April Fair as the biggest annual fiesta in the city. Later in 1973 the event changed the current location, moving to Los Remedios. As the latest report suggests, there are about 1050 “casetas” allowing the “Sevillanos” to enjoy their beloved April Fair. An enormous fairground is set up with a lots of the typical rides and attractions right by the streets of the fair.

Aguantando el chaparrón, Feria de Abril, Sevilla 2010

Pero como Tú, Ninguna

The April Fair begins the night of Saturday or so called “La noche del Pescaito” which literally means “Fish Night” just because of the tradition to eat fish for dinner the night of the big opening. After the dinner all the eyes are headed to the beautiful “Portada” which is practically the entrance of the fair where thousands of lights are switched on by the mayor of the city exactly at midnight. Right after that is when the one-week-no-end party begins. The day after the “Fish Night” is the first official day of the April Fair when there can be seen horseback parades through the fairground. The women wear beautiful flamenco dresses while the men are dressed in their traditional suits which are known as “el traje corto”.

Feria de Sevilla

Feria de Sevilla

The beauty of this April Fair is that the city transforms into an antique city, the locals think only about fiesta which allows the tourists and all the visitors to enjoy this event to the fullest. The best thing about it is that you can see everyone dancing Sevillana, the typical April fair dance, hear flamenco and wish that this week lasts forever.

April Fair

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