Colorful Beaches Around The World

The magic of the summer holidays and the small things and details that make them beautiful does not just contain of perfect weather, good company and a crazy nightlife. Sometimes one can get lost even alone in a places without having to ask about anything, not even a single person by his side. The main reason for this is the phenomena of the colorful sand beaches worldwide, all of them natural, that leave every visitor with disbelieve. Below you can se collection of 5 of the most beautiful colorful beaches.

1. Black sand beach

Punalu’u Beach is a Black Sand Beach located on the island of Hawaii. It is natural beach that gets the color by lava that firstly flows into the ocean and later cools. There are a plenty of green turtles which can often be seen on the black sand of the beach.

Hawkbill sea turtle 4


2. Red sand beach

Kaihalulu is an exotic pocket beach and maybe the most beautiful one in the world with a red color. It is located on the island of Maui, Hawaii. It looks so unusual and its best timing of the day happens during the sunset.

red sand beach


3. Green sand beach

Papakolea beach it’s famous for its green color. It is also known as Mahana Beach and it is located near South Point, Hawaii. It is one out of four green beaches worldwide.

Green Sand Beach

Green Sand.

4. Pink sand beach

Harbour Island is famous for its beaches with pink sand. It is located on the Bahamas, on the northeast coast of Eleuthera Island. This spectacular beaches can be found all along the east side of the island.

Bahamas 1989 (348) Eleuthera: Pink Sand, Harbour Island

Bahamas 1989 (347) Eleuthera: Pink Sand, Harbour Island

5. Orange sand beach

Ramla Bay is an orange sand beach. It is located on the island of Gozo which is one of the islands of Malta. It is part of the fertile valley on the nortern side of the island.

Ramla Bay

Ramla Bay - Gozo

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