Top 6 Places in India for Best Mangoes

Are you a mango fan? Do you hate summers but just the thought of eating mangoes slides away that hatred? Well, if this is the scenario with you, then you have entered the world of mango madness. With all exclusivity, India is known for its King of fruits- Mango and its exquisite varieties. Mango-lovers have a full range of different types and flavours of mangoes all over the country. Following are the top 6 hot spots in India where one can get the best mangoes for triggering that mango-love button in you.

Ratnagiri – Alphonso Mangoes

Ratnagiri and its surrounding regions is a great place to find some of the finest mangoes for all the lovers. This place is famous for its Alphonso mangoes and delivers a really good variety for the same. You can reach Ratnagiri by road by covering approximately 330 km from Mumbai. Choose from the lowest airfare flights to Mumbai and plan a trip around the mango season. The best time to travel would be mid-July.


Junagadh – Kesar Mangoes

Girnar hills of Junagadh in Gujarat are known for their yummy Kesar mangoes. Known as the “queen of mangoes”, this variety of mangoes can be distinguished with their beautiful saffron colour and divine taste. 320 kms from Ahmedabad, you can reach Jungadh by road or rail. This variety is available from May to July.

Mount Girnar

Hardoi – Chausa Mangoes

Another great hotspot for mango-fans is Hardoi and its neighbouring regions in Uttar Pradesh. Famous for its Chausa mangoes, this place can be reached in approximately 3 hours from Lucknow via the road network. This variety of mangoes is available in this region in the months of July and August. These mangoes have a faded yellow colour with an alluring aroma and come under the “slurping” category.


Karnataka – Badami Mangoes

Famous for its delicious variety of Badami mangoes, North Karnataka delivers this delicacy in the month of May, June and July. Plan your travel to Karnataka around these months to enjoy this mouth-watering experience. Because of their taste and rich flavour, it is actually termed as Karnataka-Alphonso in many of the adjacent areas.

Shravanabelagola - Bird View

Andhra Pradesh – Safeda Mangoes

Being one of the magnificent mango belts of the South, Andhra Pradesh presents itself as one of the best places to get yummy mangoes. Safeda mangoes also known as Banganpali are the origin of this state and are usually available from March to July because of the climate.

India - TN-AP Circuit - 009 - our 2 local guides cautioning me to be careful

Varanasi – Langra Mangoes

Varanasi is not only a culturally inclined part of Uttar Pradesh but is also extremely rich when it comes to tropical aromas and distinct flavours. This place is popular for its variety of Langra mangoes and is another great spot for mango-fans. Langra mangoes are available in the month of June and July. They are lemon-yellow in colour and are very nectarous.

Varanasi, India

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