Open Your Mind And Soul And Visit The River Han

Seoul is the capital and largest city in South Korea. In addition it is really a great city and covers a large area, but also is considered to be economic, political and cultural center. Seoul as a perfect city has priceless treasure, the river Han. River Han divided the place on two equal half. River Han has always been part of life for people who live around the capital and now even more, not only because it is an extremely valuable source of water for 10 million urban populations, as well as a place for relaxation and entertainment.

Lights on the Han River

han river

Novotel Danang Premier Han River

River is a unique and great tourist experience and hundreds of people every day enjoy the sun by the water in the water park. River passes across the city from east to west and it is almost 1 km wide. It annually attracts about 59 million visitors or daily average of 161 000 people. Visiting the city of Seoul and also the Han River, you can enjoy events ranging from water skiing, staying all day in the sun, to musical events and concerts with stars of the quay. The eleven parks along the river are very popular destinations for South Koreans during the summer months. They come daily despite fresh river banks by walking, just to feel pure wind. Also every Friday and Saturday night in the park Jeuido along the river Han is opened a night market that offer various handmade things and food from around the world.

Across the Han River

North Seoul Tower

Seoul: Han River 01

Another way to experience and enjoy the river Han is to drive a boat. Sailing on Han provides a unique and complete picture of the river. Twelve boats sail from the quay in the park Jeuido every half hour starting from 11:30 every day. For those people who seeking water fun, the river has six pools in parks and each has a maximum capacity of 3600 people. For those who prefer a more active experience, cycling is an option with all types of bicycles which can be rented for a small amount at any of the 11 parks along the river.

Han River (한강)

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Driving along the river Han with a length of 41 km you can go from one to the other end of town. If you had chance, go to Seoul and see the beauty of the river Han.

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