A Place Where Love Remains Eternal – Tunnel Of Love

There is no more clear indicator of the quality of the relationship of mutual trip with a partner. Journeys put the link to test and show its best qualities and disadvantages, but also to reinforce at a new level. Love is the strongest driving force of the world. It has created many verses, songs, paintings, buildings and wonders. One such miracle is the place Klevan in Ukraine. Klevan is an urban neighborhood in the western part of Ukraine. It has over 7,000 inhabitants. This small but characteristic place hiding various beauties and among them is the Tunnel of love.

Tunnel of Love, Ukraine..

Yes, that is true. This fantastic place is famous by the Love Tunnel. But, quite unromantic, the tunnel is actually three kilometer long private line which is part of a factory near the city of Klevan and therefore, the train goes three times a day to deliver wood to the factory. However, the railroad makes the place even more fascinating. The whole greenery and magic attracts tourists, couples and photographers.

Tunnel of love #2

Legend says that if you and your loved imagine sincere desire in the tunnel of love, than the wish will come true. This is a wonderful romantic place that yearns to be seen. During the spring and summer, the blooming trees forming a true green tunnel. In the autumn months, you can enjoy a few colors that will take away your breath. Yellow, orange, red, brown, everything around you will looks interesting and colorful. While in winter, the same tunnel spread incredible whiteness and calmness.

Tunnel of love #3


Today, the place Klevan or the well-known Tunnel of love is very popular among lovers and one of the most visited places at the world. The hidden beauties of Mother Nature are found in unexpected places around the world. These places should be visited at least once in a lifetime, because is worth to be seen.

Tunnel of love #6

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