Lucerne – The Switzerland City That Offer Natural Beauty

Lucerne is according to many, the most beautiful Switzerland city, which has boating lake, snow-covered hills, bridges, churches and castles. It is the image of Switzerland we have already seen somewhere, perhaps on the cover of chocolate.



Lucerne old town in bad weather

The city lies on the shores of Lake “Four Cantons”, in central Switzerland, which is actually the cradle of the Swiss Confederation. A number of the tourists can visit Lucerne at any time of the year and with every turn to the camera you will record the beauty of the city.


Luzern am Morgen

Lucerne is known as one of the most famous tourist destinations. It is abundant in all kinds of natural beauty. Lucerne has a background of eternal snow throughout the year, which means that during the four seasons, snow still decorates the top of the mountains of the Alps. The city of Lucerne is a place of peace and stunning beauty and certainly a great place when you want to escape from all the problems.
Its beauty is complemented with water on Lake Lucerne, the lake area of 38 square kilometers, which is integrated in the Lake of Uri. It represents an ideal place for day trips.


Switzerland-03322 - Chapel Bridge

Switzerland-03405 - Lucerne

One of the main attractions in Lucerne is the wooden bridge which stretches on the river Reuss. The bridge in the middle of the city, known as The Chapel or Kapellbrücke was built in 1333 and is believed to be the oldest wooden bridge in the world. About three hundred years after construction, the Chapel Bridge is decorated with a series of 158 triangular shaped pictures placed below the deck of the bridge. In this way are painted just a few wooden bridges in the world. The figures show important events from the history of Lucerne. Most of the paintings is damaged by fire and fully was restored only 30th of them.

Switzerland-03558 - Small town

Switzerland-03363 - Night was Coming

Switzerland-03316 - River Side

Travelers can actually enjoy the delights of classical beauty and tranquility of life in rural communities in the European city. On the other hand, Lucerne is also trying to show the beauty of the city without leaving the old view. The city was able to demonstrate the characteristics of modern society, entire with all kinds of objects or buildings – no matter when they were built.



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