Visiting Samoa Island Is Simply Priceless

Do you want to dream of hot beaches, to think of the long summer days while sitting under a blanket and wait for winter? Well, if you like the summer so much, we will help you to chases your next vacation, by experiencing one hit destination. We are talking about Samoa.



Sunset view.

Samoa is natural beauty made up of 10 islands, each with different conditions and environments that are worth to be explored. Beautifully hidden between volcanic islands Fiji and Kukes, located in the South Pacific, Samoa is tropical paradise and an idyllic experience for anyone who passes through it. Untouched beaches and beautiful resorts, a lot of attractions, towering mountain peaks and vast rain forest are quite sufficient description for this amazing place.

The "Toe Sua Ocean Trench"

Lano Beach

On the southern part of Upolu Island in Samoa, there is a village called Lotofaga. In this village is situated To-Sua Trench, a large hole and is transformed into area for swimming. This place is very beautiful, surrounded by nature. It has a 30-meter scale by which you can get down into the water to swim. The clear water of To-Sua Trench has amazing conditions for enjoying and relaxing in the beautiful scenery. This wonderful adventure cost from 6 to 15 dollars, but such an experience is simply priceless.


Lefaga II

Also interesting is the market Apia in Samoa which consists of numerous stalls and sellers that will surely convince you to buy their exotic food.


Return to Paradise Beach II

It is simply amazing that this island country, since its inception, has never had its own army. In case of war, Samoa concluded an agreement with New Zealand, which would be obliged to defend that paradise.
We recommend you to visit that wonderful part of the world named Samoa from May to November, when the weather is dry and when there are a multitude of festivals.

Sunrise, Tanu Beach

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