Top 5 Spookiest London Neighbourhood’s

London is one of the most popular metropolises in the whole wide world which is aimed at beautifying every bit of the vacationer’s life and ambitions in the most thoughtful manner. This city may appear to be extremely huge and bewildering to anyone who wishes to explore and enjoy the city for the first time. This colourful British capital is full of every interesting activity and travel attraction you would like to see during your vacation. This city is famous among travellers belonging to different age groups. You do not have to worry about anything as such. This city is great at keeping people entertained throughout the time. You are surely going to feel a lot more overwhelmed while exploring different travel attractions in this English capital. Britain is famous for its colourfully vibrant capital which is full of amazing things to offer to each and every visitor. With superb shopping centres, majestic structural wonders, globally acclaimed travel attractions and a lot of historical attractions, this city is surely going to make your holiday as much surprising as you have always wished for.

London is a globally renowned destination for the leisure seekers coming over from different parts across the world. In order to make sure that you have enjoyed and explored your vacation in the most fascinating way, you need to put up at a centrally located hotel. This way, you will get to stay close to most of the city centre attractions. Park Grand Paddington Court London Hotel is the rightful travel base which you need to select for making your vacation lovelier.

Haunted House with Lightning and Ghosts

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There is everything in this city which you wish to see. Along with presenting you with a wide array of historical attractions, there are also various haunted destinations which you can look ahead to explore during your vacation.

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Try to stay at some London accommodation near Paddington Station which will let you reach your desired haunted destinations in no time. Since Paddington is where the heart of the city is located, it gets easier for any person travelling around the city to reach the desired spot within a short period of time.

London - Paddington

London is known for its remarkable history that dates back to almost 2000 years. It seems to be crawling with a large number of spirits and ghosts that make the surrounding neighborhood’s spookier. If you have always wanted to explore the idea of checking out spooky neighborhood’s while holidaying in London, then you can consider making a list of all the places which are famous for being spooky and haunted.

Spooky Big Ben

Some of the most haunted London locations have been mentioned below. You need to be start planning your vacation itinerary as soon as possible so that you get to enjoy the most of your trip in the most desirable way.

A London Street at Night

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It has the Jack the Ripper connection which makes it all more haunted in its appearance. It is believed that most of the ghostly sightings have been experienced in this area which is also the location of the infamous Tower of London. Most of the victims of Jack the Ripper were spotted before they were murdered heinously at the Ten Bells Pub. It is believed to be home to their ghostly spirits. The customers have reported hearing strange footsteps, seeing an old man wearing Victorian clothing and the feeling of being pushed while walking the down the stairs at this pub. On the other hand, The London Tower is where the ghost of Anne Boleyn is often spotted among other people’s ghosts who were executed in this tower.

0142 10 Bells


This is located to the north of the city centre and has earned the reputation of being the Haunted Hampstead. It is known for being home to two spirits. One is of Dick Turbin and the other is the ghost of a woman whose body was stashed behind the pub’s cellar. People have heard strange noises of window rattling and door slamming at the wee hours.

Hampstead Heath, London


Visit the Greenwich Foot Tunnel which is known for being one of the most popular haunted sights in the British capital. Apart from experiencing regular ghostly sightings, some of the visitors had also claimed to be haunted by a group of Tudor ghosts. People have also reported to be picked up by a hitchhiker at night.

greenwich foot tunnel, london

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The cemetery at HighGate is one of the most haunted locations which you would love to see during your trip to London. Reports claimed that there was a cult which used to perform ceremonies right inside the cemetery premises at night. A man has also seen someone with glowing red eyes staring through the gates. Apparitions of many kinds have been seen by the passers-by of this area.

Tombstones in cemetery

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Convent Garden

William Terriss was murdered right inside the Adelphi Theatre in the year 1897. His ghost is often seen wandering around the corridors at the backstage. Cleaners and actors have also heard strange knocks on the doors in the theatre.

Sweeney Todd Adelphi Theatre London

The city of London offers a wealth of ghost walking tours where you will be able to find a number of places which have several proofs of ghostly presence. The walking tours take you through the famous streets which are hosted by some story telling guides who offer you with some knowledgeable insights on the various ghostly neighborhood’s in the city. You will also get to hear about the ghost that haunts the city at present times. You may also find yourself closer to a spooky encounter that can spruce up the experience into a whole new level.


These are some of the haunted neighborhood’s which you can surely look ahead to explore during your upcoming visit to the capital city. The more you will explore, the better it will become for you to enjoy your vacation properly. There will always be a guide to assist you throughout the tours. Book yourself for one of the ghostly walking tours that will enrich your knowledge and give you a memorable experience.

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