Shekhawati – Place From Which Come The Rich

India is a country with a rich history that would delight the interest of everyone and diverse culture patterned with amazing and ancient customs that even today are respected. As such, India is daily visited by millions of people who come from around the world to make wonderful little memories of the incredible flavor of this amazing country.


Gaelle at the Mandawa Haveli


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Shekhawati region is historically founded in the 15th century in the northeast of Rajasthan, which in the 19th century became one of the most prosperous places in India. Thanks to its good position at the crossroads of many trade routes, there very quickly are built a hundred villages, 50 towers and palaces. Many wealthy businessmen in this region were attracted by promises of lower taxes, for which further enriched trading opium, cotton and spices. To demonstrate the size of their fortune, they built luxurious palaces with beautiful gardens and courtyards. In fact, almost a quarter of the 100 richest people in India come from Shekhawati, including pharmaceutical billionaire Dilip Shanghvi and “master of steel” Lakshmi Mittal.

Shekhawati - detail

Nawalgarh in Shekhawati

In order to overcome each other, they hired the best artists of the time to paint magnificent murals and frescoes of their homes, which include views of family members, erotic moments and religious scenes. Shekhawati stretched to more than 13 thousand square kilometers and became a kind of art gallery outdoors. But, it prosperity did not last long. In the mid 20th century, wealthy residents started moving to Mumbai, Calcutta and other places, so the palaces fell into decay.

Mandawa, Shekhawati

Mughal arches on the ground floor, European ones on the first

Residents of Shekhawati today are considered as extremely brave and devoted people, because a lot of them are leaving to serve in the Indian army. Local authorities want to recover the former splendor of this place and from Shekhawati want to make a tourist attraction that travelers will be happy to attend.

India, January 2012

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