Famous Beaches in India For Complete Holiday Vacation

It is really a great fun to have holiday beside the serenest beaches in India with spouse or friends. We shall now present most famous beaches in India that will make your trip memorable.

Baga Beach

It is the ideal choice of a beach provided you love to enjoy yourself lying down in a hut or shack. It is believed to be amongst the best beaches at Goa and is certainly extremely popular with the tourists. People prefer using RedBus coupons while booking to get the best deals. It offers all the facilities that you might be looking for from the shacks to food and the adventure games. Here the crowd is friendly and lively. This is the right place to go and has no competition if you want to have fun, party and laugh. But remember this is not the place for you if you desire to spend some quiet time as there is always a crowd here.

India - Goa


This is not a very well known name but is gaining popularity gradually. This 13 km long beach is situated in state of West Bengal and is the longest beach in India. You can enjoy really long walk with the loved one at this beach. Here the sand is thick and many sporting facilities are available here. Banana boating, jet boating and para sailing are quite popular with the tourists here. This beach is motorable implying that you may drive car or bike on the sandy shores.

Sunset over Mandarmani beach...

Kovalam Beach

It is among the best beaches in Kerala and you can use a Yatra to book your flight coupons. It is beautiful and picturesque with rocks and sea presenting a magnificent canvas. The sky is covered with white clouds and sun appears innocent. It is a common belief that if you have an opportunity to watch sunset from here, you will not have a chance to see anything more beautiful than this for rest of your life. Kerela is well known for Ayurveda treatment. Beside this, the region is also famous for massage parlors and beautiful shopping complexes.


Radhanagar Beach

The Andaman Island is amongst the most magnificent and poetic corners of the country. Apparently there is no other such an amazing place than Havelock Island that houses beautiful and famous Radhanagar Beach. Though this beach is not visited so frequently as the other beaches in Goa, the visit to this beach will leave you enthralled. The green forests and blue water will hypnotize you completely and make your visit memorable www.savemypocket.in is the right place to explore deals and coupons while planning your vacation. www.redbus.in is ideal to save costs while making travel plans.

Radhanagar Beach


This beach is situated in South Goa and is famous for its beautiful palm trees and picturesque forests. This happens to be one of most peaceful beaches located in Goa. Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the near vicinity and has been attracting large number of visitors.



Tarkarli Beach is considered to be among the most impressive and magnificent beaches of Maharashtra. But unfortunately for reasons unknown this destination has not yet got its due. The sunset here is so gorgeous that that any photographer would fall in love with it instantly. Snorkeling and Scuba diving are quite popular here.


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