Why You Should Hire Your Restaurant Linens

Running a restaurant is very difficult. In fact, research has found that in many locations, close to 90% of restaurants close within the first year. They close because their expenses become more than they can handle. Restaurants have a lot of startup costs that can very quickly overwhelm the money someone has saved up. Those startup costs include things like the building itself, the food preparation equipment, and the employees’ salaries. However, there are also smaller costs that you might not be really thinking about that are damaging to your bottom line. One of those subtle costs is actually the cost of your linens. Things like tablecloths, napkins, chef’s coats, and aprons could actually be costing you an incredible amount of money without you thinking about it.

Linen Costs

Your linen expenses could be higher than you think, because so many of the costs are spread out. The linens you buy are going to cost you money to buy them outright. That’s your first expense. After you’ve bought them, you have to make sure they stay clean. So, you’ll have to launder them. That’s going to increase your water bill and your electricity bill. You’ll also have to buy detergent and dryer sheets. These are all costs that you’ll build up. Using linens constantly and washing them repeatedly is going to wear them out, so you’ll need to replace them frequently. That can get incredibly expensive very quickly. Stalbridge Linen offers an alternative that can save you money as well as time.


Hire Your Linens

If you were to hire your linens, you wouldn’t have to worry about all the various expenses associated with buying linens. When you hire linens from reputable companies, they will also launder them. They’ll give you the linens for a fraction of what you would pay to buy them. Then, they will wash them for you from time to time. That will save you money on the price of the linens, as well as saving you money on the laundering costs. Your water bill and your power bill will decrease when you don’t have to run your washer and dryer several times per week. At big restaurants, you might have to run the washer and dryer multiple times per day; that could be prohibitively expensive.


Hiring your linens also frees you from having to replace them. If you rent your linens from a good company, the company will replace your worn-out linens with ones that are in good condition. They will make sure that only well-kept linens are in the rotation; anything that is dingy, worn, or torn will be taken out of the mix. That means you won’t have to worry about buying new ones, because it’ll be like your linens never age.


It’s very difficult to keep your restaurant afloat. Ongoing costs like linens can grow large enough to sink the entire endeavour. Hiring your linens from a reputable company can be the thing that keeps you in business.


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