Tips For Mountaineering Gear

Choosing the right gear is a vital issue for every proficient sportsman. Sometimes your life can depend on quality of your cloths and available equipment.

For those who are dreaming of Antarctic adventure and planning first visit to the North Pole or Arctic and to conquer an icy peak we are ready to give few advises concerning clothes and equipment one must take to feel safety and confidence.


Necessary equipment for climbers and trekkers

Special clothes are needed to protect you from the icy Arctic wind and heavy rains, to keep your body temperature normal. We should start with a simple t-shirt – be sure to pack few of them, then take few synthetic long-sleeve shirts to create additional layer. The next step is to wear something a bit warmer, better with a hood which provides additional insulation. Be sure that this sweat shirt fits great under your soft-shell jacket, which is one of the most important layers. Therefore, it must be chosen carefully as it keeps you dry in various weather conditions. Other irreplaceable things are puffy jacket and waterproof jacket that will keep you warm and dry. The latter one should be light because if the weather is good you will keep it in your pack. Of course we must mention pants: two pairs of soft shell and waterproof pants and maybe thermal leggings will be enough for a shirt term trip.


Other essential wardrobe details are a hat and neck gaiter to save your face and neck in stormy weather and gloves might be used while traveling on glaciers and to protect your skin from frost bites. Moreover, they keep your hands dry and climbing in extremely cold conditions will be easier. The next tip is about your legs – find yourself warn in thick wool socks and gaiters. While taking care of your cloths don’t forget about sleeping bag. Taking into account that you will travel through Antarctica and the weather conditions are extreme there, your sleeping bag must be large and your clothes warmer that means that your pack might be heavy and therefore one must choose a bigger climbing pack.

Campbell Ridges ice climbing - close-up

If while travelling you are planning to camp, it is necessary to choose a shelter to guard you so that you are able to withstand winds and snow.


Your safety always comes first so remember this while choosing your alpine equipment. Here are some essential items that you will need for sure:

  • crampons that go on the bottom of your shoes and provide traction;
  • ice axe that will assist in ascending or descending a steep slope covered with snow or ice;
  • rope protects you from fall;
  • various carabiners, belay devices etc.


If you are a beginner it is better to consult a specialist or your guide if you are a part of group of climbers. Never climb alone and try to find a professional expedition to join.

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