The Ultimate Packing Guide for Your Summer Holiday

We all know how it goes. You know you should start packing for your summer holiday a couple of days before and then the night before you fly you’re manically running round the house looking for the bottom half of your bikini and that bag of toiletries you picked up from Boots but appear to have misplaced. But don’t panic.

Whether you’re in the middle of such a stressful moment and have taken a few minutes out to procrastinate further (read this, then get packing again!) or are actually trying to be a little more organised this year, here’s the ultimate packing guide for your summer holiday:

Travel documents

Okay, the first thing you need to check is that you have all your important travel documents. This includes your: boarding passes, passports, hotel confirmation, airport transfer confirmation and airport parking confirmation. Forget any of these and you could find yourself struggling to get checked in or on your way to your next destination.



What’s more important, that extra pair of heels or that you have enough bikinis for the week? Ensure you have your swimwear planned and packed in the case.



Same rule applies – you don’t want to get to your final day and discover you don’t have any clean pants for the journey home.



We’ll just break this down into a simple list:

  • Sun cream
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • After sun
  • Toothpaste
  • Shower gel
  • Makeup remover
  • Makeup
  • Medicinal creams


And that’s about it!

Evening clothes

You want to look good in the evenings, with a stomach full of paella and trying to avoid leaning wrong on your inevitable sunburnt bits. If you’re looking for a new item of clothing for the evening, a pinafore dress should definitely be on the cards, perfect with a cropped top or a basic t-shirt for the evening on holiday it’s a summer essential.


First aid kit

Holiday tummy problems and headaches are common, if you aren’t careful, but if you know you have a first aid kit ready and waiting in your case you might feel a little more confident about sampling the local cuisine.


Three pairs of shoes

It’s safe to say you DO NOT need six pairs of shoes or more on holiday. Some flip flops by the pool and a couple of pairs of sandals for the evening should be more than enough and you can wear trainers or heavier shoes for travelling to save room and weight.


Cover up

Poolside, you’re going to need a cover up when you want to head back to the room or pop to the pool bar for a snack at lunchtime. A lightweight kaftan or a maxi dress are both good options, alternatively some people prefer shorts and a small vest top.


Beach towel and inflatables

Most hotels don’t offer complimentary towels by the pool, so you will need to take your own for the week and dry this each night on the balcony ready for the next day. A lilo is another good poolside accessory to pack, we love the Big Mouth pool inflatable designs which feature everything from giant doughnuts to flamingos.


Poolside entertainment

Many of us aren’t content with simply lying in the sun, we need something to keep us engaged while we soak up the rays. This is why you need to carefully choose some entertainment from two or three books (remember, you will get through them quickly because you have more time) to a handheld games console, your smartphone or some music; what you choose should hold your attention for long periods between dips in the pool and the sea. Don’t forget to pack a portable charger too, no one wants their battery to run out halfway through a game or song.


Pack all these items and you’ll definitely be prepared for anything your holiday throws at you!

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