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Shopping- The word itself brings a smile on everybody’s face. You get to know what the trends in the market are and you also can buy whatever you want to, widening your collection. Or at times all you go to malls is because you want to do some window shopping. For travellers, whenever you go to any different country or city, you feel like knowing what are the trends being followed there and what kinds of dresses they wear. For knowing all this, the best place that you can go to is a mall. Now, what would be your reaction if you see a mall? Let the sentence be rephrased. Not a mall, a place where you get the solution of all your shopping needs and woes.

Yes, BOXPARK is exactly what is mentioned. Whenever you are there in London you cannot miss visiting this mesmerizing place. It is very difficult to describe BOXPARK. It is called a shopping mall with a difference. Why the difference? The difference is not because of they sell something different but the difference is because it is a place where around 60 recycled shipping units are seated next to each other. Not only next to each other, it also sits on top of each other. If that is not enough to hold your interest into visiting the place then there is more.

BOXPARK Shoreditch

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BOXPARK is a place where all these boxes are kept in the middle of a disused railway goods yard. This is not only interesting but also a very fascinating view to watch as this makes for a very new and unusual space for the fashion and accessories stores, restaurants, cafes. Not just that, there are many art galleries and charities also present at the BOXPARK.  The creator of BOXPARK, Roger Wade also has been saying that to make BOXPARK what it is today he did not need any kind of special talent, he just combined what he already knew- his passion and his retail expertise and the result was BOXPARK.

Boxpark Pop-up Mall

No, at this point many of you might feel that it is nothing special because it might be just a few shipping containers kept together with somebody selling clothes inside them but it is a very wrong idea because BOXPARK is a lot more than just that. People would like to go to BOXPARK again and again because of the friendly environment that they get there. Along with that they also get great and accessible retail in very pocket friendly prices to buy their things of need from. Once you visit the place, you will know that the whole place has a very chilled out environment which urges the visitors and shoppers to come back to the place again and again.

For the travellers who are travelling to London for the first time and who are confused as where they will stay and what they will do there then the solution is simple. Montcalm hotel Shoreditch tech city London is there which is very near BOXPARK and that will make it very easier to travel from the hotel to the shopping arcade and then back from the arcade to the hotel. If costs is an issue and you want to have cheaper hotels then you can go for the various special offers Shoreditch hotels gives from time to time so that you can get the best deal out of the many available. The fact that BOXPARK is in Shoreditch itself makes the choice for all the travellers very simple that they would prefer staying at the hotels. You can keep your luggage there in the hotels and visit BOXPARK well in the evening do some shopping, eat your dinner and a good time is guaranteed.

Shopping Mall London

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What is unknown to most people about BOXPARK is that they keep their social, economic and ecological aspects very clear and in a proper balanced so that there isn’t any kind of fault in them. The Shoreditch area holds a lot of faith in BOXPARK and that makes it a very successful venture for the long run of the shopping mall. It is unknown because whatever BOXPARK does, it doesn’t tell the world before or after doing but if you are a regular at BOXPARK then you will be able to know how much they do for the aspects of the society. Small time production or organic materials, encouraging fair trade are some of its unknown parts.

BoxPark, Shoreditch, E1

Similarly, BOXPARK also supports local food outlets and offers to locals for Job opportunities. The jobs they give are very much respected and they pay well too. They do all this for the benefit of the society and so that no one suffers from unemployment. Not only all this, BOXPARK also offers to eliminate construction waste because it harms the society. The only sad part of this whole situation is that BOXPARK is not a permanent structure and they leave the area whenever the lease ends. Following which you would have to follow it to wherever they go.

Shoreditch BoxPark pop-up mall

Moving and packing is not an issue with BOXPARK because it had been built keeping this thing in mind and so the whole move can be finished within 7 days of initiation. At BOXPARK, you get a place to relax your mind off all the things that are going on in your life and you can enjoy the quiet evening of the day. Amongst all this, it is surprising to know that BOXPARK has also given two out of the 60 containers that they own to two different charities which ensures that the locals have a good time over productive work whenever they want to have it. So, whenever you visit London, do not forget to visit BOXPARK and see from up close their functionalities and what they do for their society. It is very rarely seen that somebody does so much for the society, so it is a worth seeing and worth coming back and seeing again, supporting BOXPARK in their activities because BOXPARK is an inspiration.

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